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Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Escape for a few days to the Mansion by the River in utter safety!

Our team is here for your safety and a really relaxing stay. Left to right: SAM, Grounds Supervisor; CHANTRA, Gardener; MEY, Laundry Supervisor; RITA, Acting General Manager (Until Nov. 2021); CHANNY, Housekeeping Supervisor; KHEA, Public Area Hygiene Supervisor

With its vast and naturally ventilated common areas, its secluded location on the Mekong River and surrounded by lush gardens, Le Relais de Chhlong is a particularly attractive escape destination in this challenging time.

We implement all health safety requirements from the Cambodia government, including:

- temperature check, hand sanitization and QR scanning while entering the premises

- masks and social distance in all public areas

- repeated cleaning and sanitization of contact areas

- guests suitcases and bags brought directly to their suites

- recommended distances between tables, lounge seats

In addition, we are making sure that:

- all deliveries are collected by our team at the main entrance and containers are sanitized before storage

- daily shifts ensuring that no more than four employees are present on the premises at the same time

- daily control of chlorine and salt levels for the swimming pool.

And if you don't feel leaving the hotel at all during your stay, a-la-carte and set menus, cocktail bar and round-the-clock refreshments are here for you. With an accent on locally-sourced, healthy and yummy ingredients.

Inquire for reservations or any further information on Messenger, Telegram (+85512347309) or here.


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