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Bike & Boat Rides by the River

We have mapped two routes for you to follow at your leisure on your complimentary bicycle. Right after exiting Le Relais, immerse yourself in the lush Cambodian countryside, observe fauna and flora of the Northeast, discover the daily life of riverbank villagers, visit a remote pagoda...

Ride 1: for an hour or two, explore the eastern bank. Breathtaking views on the Mekong River and its majestic flow, serene orchards and fields, fishermen at work, bathing buffaloes...some memorable images to gather and keep in our minds too often deprived of Nature's wonders.

Ride 2: bike down to the embankment, hop on the traditional boat ferry with your bicycle and follow the river pathway up to the gentle slope of Sopor Kailey Hill, its pagoda and luxuriant forest.

And before your ride, just scan the corresponding QR code: with the road map on your phone, you'll never get lost, nor miss the most scenic spots.

(photos Aurélie Fischer)

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