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Artcation at Le Relais

Meet and interact with artists MB Baty and Sovan Philong during your break by the River, Feb 14-28 2021

Go for a bicyle ride with our artists-in-residence, interact with Chhlong community, learn more about the vibrant Cambodian art scene.

MB Baty (Morokot) and Sovan Philong have been working together on several projects involving schools and villagers in Cambodia's Northwest.

14-28 Feb, part of Artcation 2021 1st edition, book your stay and enjoy our Special Artcation Offer:

3 days/2 nights

Promotional Rate for 2 guests in double room on full-board basis (Khmer set menus):

270 USD

Day 1: Arrival – Dinner

Day 2: Breakfast/Lunch/ Dinner

Day 3: Breakfast/Lunch – Departure

Supplement for additional night: 130 USD for 2, including dinner

Book here.

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